Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nothing Good Can Come From This. . .

As you may know, we're all about education and learning here at the Wright Place.  Most of the time.  There exists every now and then a situation where advancing one's self through learning is just not a good thing. Not a good thing at all.  

Meg and I came across just such a situation last week as we both watched Molly pass by us on her way into the living room carrying a three legged stool.

Carrying a three legged stool!? 

This should have given us pause.  Unfortunately, it did not.  Life in our cozy home is every bit as crazy as you might imagine.  Megan often catches my eye over the fray and says with a grin, "Can you hear the circus music Mom?"  

As circus music hummed softly in the background, it finally occurred to me to ask Meg to follow Molly and see where she was headed with the stool.  "Come quick!" yelled Meg.  Stopping only to grab the camera, I high-tailed it into the living room where I saw learning in action.

Dah da duddy ya da duh da da da. . .
(This was the only way I could write out the music that you should be hearing in your head right now.)

Can you hear the music?

What balance!

Drum roll please!

Sweet success.

Personally, I think she should focus her efforts on growing some hair. 



G'ma suz said...

Too cute. . .hair will come and go, unfortunately so does balance.
Love MOM

Anonymous said...

She sure doesn't need hair to be oh so cute!!! Janet

JanaVee said...

Children are fearless and that can be a good thing and a bad thing!!! lol Adorable!!!

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