Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I was too worked up about the Presidential debate last night to gather any words to post. Decidedly, I am a political junkie, but last night I fear the highlight was on the junk. I'm not certain why, when women voters are so vital to each campaign, The Commission on Presidential Debates would foist upon the female viewer a debate in a format which made women's stomachs knot and their skin crawl.

Studies show that women don't like such behavior from their candidates. That debate format just begged women to turn the channel and disengage. I spent the evening near my clothes dryer reading about the debate on Twitter, it was a much gentler delivery system than the TV in our living room whose big screen and booming volume gave uncomfortable witness to the interruptions and personal space infringements of the debaters.

My man soaked it up. He said it was certainly not enjoyable but he didn't feel the need to retreat to the basement like I did. The male commentators on TV following the debate all made a comment similar to, "I thought it was a great brawl."

 I thought it was a great reason to do the laundry! My Twitter feed was full of fun quips, but none more pithy than this one...

"It is true." "No, it's not." And, yes, presidential politics is not dissimilar to conversations I have with my 3 year old.

Maybe this is why women don't like to see men fighting on TV in the evening when the day is finally supposed to be settling into a quiet peace and especially after many of us have spent at least a portion of the day refereeing disputes between our own children.

I'm guardedly looking forward to next week's debate, hoping that a different format will allow for easier viewing and listening. No worries though, I've always got Twitter and it can always be counted upon for pointed observation and smart comedy...

i hope the guy with a mustache has a spot in line. and i hope he stands up to say "Mr President, I mustache you a question."

Well, not all smart comedy, but comedy nonetheless! Then there's this...

What if President Obama and Governor Romney traded hair?

And since I began this post talking about women and this debate...

What if Governor Romney and President Obama traded hair...with their wives?

"When humor goes, there goes civilization." - Erma Bombeck


Becky said...

I couldn't watch either and Mike couldn't not watch!

G'ma suz said...

Dad and I slugged thru the first half. I kept things light by being our own 'COMMON'TATOR, nothing professional about it often adding, "they're gonna smack each other!" and "He's in his space", "He's getting up" "they need a really loud buzzer at the end of the allotted time"! Finally at 10:00 Dad said (his first words as he turned the channel "ENOUGH" ! I'm pretty certain he meant the debate!?!?

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