Monday, October 1, 2012

The Big Eyes

Today my baby sister turns another year older, not quite ready to join me in my 40s, but definitely gaining on me...right?

My sis is the mama of three beautiful girls, Sophie, Haleigh, and Mackenzie. Each gal is unique in her very own "I'm-growing-up-in-my-very-own-direction" sort of way. The youngest, Mackenzie has, from her birth had something in common with none other than moi.

What, you may wonder what a grown woman could have in common with an infant? With a toddler? And even now with a kindergardener?

It's not our hair, she has curly locks. It's not our stature, she's always been an ultra-light. It's not our smile, though you're getting close. Little Mackenzie and I share what my family has been calling "the big eyes" for years now.

"Big eyes" are a fine feature, handy for reigning in children who are slipping slowly out of control, for showing ultimate surprise, and in my case and surely not Mackenzie's dishing out a generous helping of "stink eye" to anyone wondering exactly what you think about displeasing circumstances. Big eyes are supremely useful, as I'm certain Mackenzie has figured out, when asking your Daddy for stuff...supremely useful!

Once, while visiting Mackenzie, we were cuddled up on the couch and she looked at me and said the very same thing that I said when I first got to hold her in my arms, "Hey, you have big eyes too!" It's always comforting to find someone in life who has the same super power as you do.

While at the beach together last week, Mackenzie and I celebrated our big eyes and the moment ranks high on the list of my favorite vacation moments...

Big eyes...from one generation to the next...

you saw it here first.

{Happy Monday. Happy Birthday Sudeana!}

**Photos by the Birthday Girl**

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G'ma suz said...

Love it! Keep them shining brightly! Mom

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