Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Please Tell Dad...

She yelled for me as she came down the stairs, 

"Mom, when Dad comes back from running dis morning, tell him I'm getting married."

"No kidding!" said I, astonished and completely unaware of her engagement.

"Yes," she confirmed, "please tell Dad." With that she sashayed past me, apparently running late for the upcoming nuptials. 

"And just who shall I tell him you are marrying?"

"My boooooyyyyyyfriend," she explained with a huff and an eye roll as if to say,  

Who did you think I'd be marrying? 

Honestly, I'm operating under the illusion that she still wants to marry her Daddy...

...and I'm pretty sure he'd prefer it that way too!


G'ma suz said...

Pastor Darrin best get his pink tie ready!!!

Miss Janet said...

She is so very precious!!! Hugs

Tiffany said...

She is too funny!

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