Thursday, October 11, 2012


Six of us live under one roof. Every now and then we are reminded of the effect of that number on the children. Tonight was such a night.

Opening the fridge door after the kids had gone to bed this evening, I found this note attached to a bowl containing this evening's left-overs:

This kid's teacher hesitates to invite you to take a closer look,

1. At least he corrected his own spelling?!

2. I'm pretty certain that if the pizza exists in the fridge on 12/10/12 nobody, NOBODY is gonna fight him for it.

3. Just in case you think kids in large families are naturally gifted in sharing...he felt it important to specify "both pieces" which in sibling speak translates to "Yes, I DO plan on eating every bite of BOTH pieces even if you sit in front of me bawling so don't even ask me!" 

4. I'm thinking that the verse on the note pad beautifully described the contents of the container in my son's estimation!

5.  That he started the message with "Mom says..." kinda makes me feel like a big ole grown up whose words carry some weight. 

No wonder I said he could have dibs!

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G'ma suz said...

I can envision the scene with the words "Mom says" marked out as Kate and Molly share the two pieces of Pizza in front of the fridge. Cole needs to work on (no, not spelling or numbers for the months) copying your handwriting. Maybe he is saving that trick for something more cherished by all. Mom

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