Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Just checking in quickly to say, "All is well." We're relaxing and enjoying our time together--mostly in the water.

Looks so peaceful, doesn't he?

Ever get that feeling that something's looming overhead?

Then you turn to see what it could be...

It's a gorgeous bucket!

Look what it does when it gets full...

In the following pictures, witness the personalities of our three oldest children on full display...

Cole: "Dad, here comes trouble, I'm right here--(on your lap) with you all the way!"

Meg: "Oh, Daddy--you poor guy, let me help you."

Kate: "Hey Dad! This boogie board matches my suit, can I have it?"

Who knows what this one is thinking...


aunt suz said...

How true of each one especially Kate!! Molly is measuring how far she can go out and not be too far from her food and not get into the crowd under the bucket. Love MOM

Janet and Ken said...

So glad you all are enjoying some time away. We do miss you all though. Love seeing the pics. You are still making us smile.

Jana Vee said...

This is too funny and cute. I can just hear Katie, totally oblivious to what just went on because she is too enthralled in the boogie board matching her suit. Just be glad it didn't have gum or band aids stuck to it!!! LOL!!!

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