Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When You're the Fourth

It was the day after the zoo trip. Really, it was the evening after the zoo trip when I was doing dishes after dinner. My Man was off to a meeting, Cole was at my Mom and Dad's, the oldest girls were in the living room getting their Hannah Montana fix for the day, and Molly was playing happily in the corner of the kitchen...or so I thought.

Kate came running into the room like a dainty elephant as is her norm, to ask for some after dinner chewing gum. When I heard those feet stop short of her intended target, I turned from the sink to see what had captured her attention. At the same time she began, "Mom, did you know that. . ." and she looked down in the direction of my heels. I followed her gaze and saw...

. . .{actually, before I show you what I saw, pleeeeease remember that it was the day after the zoo trip which was quite a day if you recall. If you don't recall, click here. Yes, it was after dinner and yes, everyone in the picture is wearing pjs -including me. Let me assure you that we did brush our teeth early in the day and I think I had done my hair. Sometimes we celebrate Pajama Day here at the Wright Place when we've had a particularly exhausting day, the day before. On these rare occasions (only on days beginning with M, and sometimes S if it's football season), we simply remain in our pjs for the entire live long day-trust me it's therapeutic. Until the UPS guy knocks on your door...}

Now let's see, where were we...

. . .she looked down in the direction of my heels. I followed her gaze and saw...

Poor baby! I hadn't even realized she was there. I guess she had just decided not to bother me with such a tiny detail as bedtime. That she didn't rise up and run when Kate came thundering in as she has learned to do in the interest of self-preservation, can only bear witness to her level of exhaustion.

Self-preservation is probably going to be a necessary theme for this little one, because when you're the fourth, sometimes you've just got to take matters into your own hands!

{Anyone have a good caption for this one??? Anyone??}

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Jana Vee said...

Thanks for the encouraging words ... I just hate it when I loose it like that. Especially when I get to the point of acting like a selfish little child ... did I mention I'm going through menopause? lol

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