Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Beach by the Numbers

Some numbers to deter you you need to know should you ever desire to head to the beach with four children and two adults.  (You may find it helpful to begin humming The Twelve Days of Christmas at this point.)

1 very large beach bag filled with . . .
  • 25 or so sand buckets, shovels, sand molds (in the shape of Sesame Street characters and sandcastles), a set of floating spongy toys, 3 pairs of goggles, and 1 set of water wings.

2 beach chairs with attached foot rests (why the footrests were important I cannot say as my feet only rested on them one time).

1 small backpack containing:
  • 2 cell phones ( I don't know if we thought we'd get a call on the beach or if I felt it necessary to be prepared to call in reinforcements if the need arose!
    • Really, I wanted to call my sisters and gloat, "Oh, I'm sitting in my beach chair with my feet up, reading my books while the children are participating in a sand sculpture contest and My Man has just arrived with Ben & Jerry's to enjoy on the beach...What are you doing?"  None of which really happened, especially the reading of the books and the ice cream...but wouldn't it have been tooo wonderful...)
  • 3 books (Max Lucado's Fearless; Julie Powell's Julie & Julia, also a recent movie; and Something Missing by Matthew Dicks)
  • 4 regular diapers, 2 swimming diapers, 1 mini bottle of baby powder (for sand removal--works great!), a pack of baby wipes, and two pacifiers.
  • 1 camera
  • 1 bottle of sunscreen for re-application
  • 1 wallet

1 umberella stroller

6 huge beach towels

1 bag filled with numerous baggies of pretzels, cookies, crackers

2 boogie boards

1 blow up baby "boat"

4 "cover ups" to cover swim suits en route

1 lime green cooler filled with:
  • 8 sandwhiches
  • 1 lunchable
  • 7 cans of soda/pop
  • 2 juice cups
  • 1 banana

6 pre-sunscreened bodies ready for a day at the beach

1 blue and white beach umbrella and its anchor

1 beach blanket (for napping children--ha!)

120 minutes spent on the beach (and a partridge in a pear tree).


Becky said...

Oh so funny because it is oh so true.

Janet said...

That made me tired just reading it ;-)
Guess that is why God gave children to the young. Welcome back! We missed you all.

Jana Vee said...

There will be a day when you and your man go to the beach without children, because they will be all grown up, and while reading a book with your feet propped up and eating Ben and Jerry's you will be thinking, "how did this happen? where are my "children"? and this relaxation is only good for so long before I get bored and want to go glamour myself!" lol At least, you will be young enough to hopefully meet other young couples who are experiencing that first beach experience without children and turn it into fun. After so long with them you forget what to do without them!!! When my granddaughter isn't around I still turn the t.v. set on and immediately start to go to on demand and see what new "Pooh" shows are on!!! lol Enjoy the incredible chaos while you can, unfortunately it only lasts so long. And yes, one day you will say it's "unfortunate" as well!!! Glad you all had fun and glad you are back safe and sound, where you were all missed and prayed for a brazzillion times as Tigger would say!!!

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