Monday, September 28, 2009

If At First You Don't Succeed. . .

Here it is, the sequel to the riveting, the electrifying School Pictures post!  (You know, the one my computer ate over the weekend.)

Education is the movement from darkness to light. ~Allan Bloom
(So is Salvation!!)

Grammar - a necessary "evil".

(More fitly pronounced grrrrrrrammar!)

This year Cole's math curriculum is called The Teaching Textbook which is computer based-yippee!  The computer teaches the lesson, grades the exercises, and keeps records.  This setup is perfect for his home school teacher who agrees with Calvin Trillin who said, "I never did very well in math - I could never seem to persuade the teacher that I hadn't meant my answers literally."

This is more like it! Counting math - tell me what you use most each day...algebra or counting? I figure, as long as I can count to four...four bowls of cereal, four spoons, four squirming bodies behind me in the van, four million loads of laundry. . .

Working on a reader entitled Henry Reed early in the day. (I can tell that its early because the top of the table is still visible!)

Throughout the year, our history studies will be centered around the Eastern Hemisphere. Last week and this week our focus is on Australia. Our main "text book" is the 2009 World Book Encyclopedia on DVD-ROM. It is such a super resource. As we read the assigned article last Friday, it discussed the highest population areas of the land "down under." We clicked on a "population map" and a map appeared showing us in picture form the very thing we had just read. Continuing through the reading assignment, we read about the usual facts and statistics of Australia and then listened to the national anthem with one simple click. "What's that weird looking horn?" they asked, looking at an interesting picture on the screen. One more click and we heard the horn playing and learned that it was a didgeridoo. So much fun. We accidentally learned a lot while playing with the World Book program!

Now to my absolute favorite subject. . .

Home Economics!

Kate received an A+ for this special project...

Easy Peach Cobbler

Baking is fun, dishes are inevitable.

Can you tell that the Home Ec teacher is trying her best to work the cafeteria lady out of a job?

And finally. . .

Driver's Ed

(Just kidding!)

Here at the Wright Academy we are ever looking toward future generations of teachers and so, we have developed a program to involve specially trained student teachers from time to time. . .

Never too young to learn.

Especially if it's from The Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton - delightful.

What else, you may wonder does good 'ole Molly do now that the attention she was used to basking in has been turned toward more serious studies-toward books and markers, puzzles and dry erase boards, to reading and writing?

She keeps coming up with ways to stay at the center of it all.

It appears that good 'ole Molly is a pretty quick learner too!

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Sudeana said...

Sophie and I giggled and giggled as we read your post! Molly and Mackenzie should never be allowed to compare notes or we are in even bigger trouble :)

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