Thursday, September 10, 2009

This is the Last One...I Promise

I think this is the forty-sixth blog about our vacation and I promise it will be the last.  After all, we've got college football, first days of school, colorful leaves, soup recipes, and an exciting selection of books to explore in the days to come!

I have a few pictures left to display which will serve to bring my telling, telling, and re-telling of our days in the sun to a close.  Ahhh...

Without further adieu, here are the pictures. I'm confident that a theme will develop...


Monday evening.


Tuesday morning.

Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday evening - after 2 full plates of food.

Friday morning.

Friday afternoon.

Also Friday afternoon
(thought you might be getting tired of baby pictures).

Saturday morning.

Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday evening.

That's it.  That's all.  I'm finished with vacation tales and pictures. . .

except for the one of...

Molly, sleeping on the 12ish hour trip home.
What? She's not asleep in the picture?
That would be because she really didn't sleep on the way home.

No kidding.


Jana Vee said...

Great pics and you all deserved, especially Mom and Dad, some relaxing vacation time. Although, I do know that a vacation with 4 children can only be "so" relaxing. We had the youth night last Sunday and when Pastor Jay said opening prayer and then asked if anyone had anything to pray for or wanted to share any blessings from God there were so many people who wanted to keep you all in our prayers for your safe trip home, so many who wanted to praise God for bringing you all to our church, and so many who wanted to praise and thank Him for bringing you into this church "family". Whenever your family is away, physically, your presence is felt in church in every person that belongs to our little church family. Just thought you would want to know how much you are thought of and missed by everyone when gone. Your family is a true blessing to our church and to God's work and I'm so blessed and thankful that He led me to both!!!

Anonymous said...

oh I just love your pictures of your little baby sleeping -there is nothing sweeter :)

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