Thursday, September 3, 2009

Glamour Girls (part two)

When last we left our young girls they were about to experience their first “make-over” or “gingerbreading” or “icing”…

After choosing matching tee-shirts with a simple pink crown and the word “Princess" on the front, the girls were ushered into a dressing room to change. Their faces shone with anticipation as they walked with purpose toward the “make-over area”, which was a sight to behold with its low table, miniature stools, and star shaped mirrors that leaned toward the girls’ faces much like the petals of a flower bending over a vase.

Kate and Meg chose their stools of glory and the purveyors of glitter and glamour began their work. Meg’s treatment began with an application of fingernail polish topped with a healthy dose of glitter.

It was hair first for Kate who had chosen an intricate style that I was fairly certain could not be successfully accomplished by the sixteenish year old young lady who had signed on for the task. I know well how difficult it is to arrange Kate’s hair in a simple, every day style. One has to be a contortionist to keep up with her bobbing and weaving during the event.

Wrong again!

Meg’s hair do was also a styling success. When each girls’ hair was finished, another dusting of glitter powder was applied to their heads for effect (I am not kidding-more glitter).

I was amazed, impressed, perplexed…

Bear in mind--these styles took less than 20 minutes to accomplish! Also note, each girl’s hair was still holding a solid “do” after having been slept on and taken swimming the next day. Must’ve been the glitter.

Meanwhile, in the back of the store, Cole and Darrin were keeping a very wiggly Molly busy. Actually, a very wiggly Molly was keeping Cole and Darrin busy.

Poor girl, she had no hair to style…but eventually, she came across something that would suffice.

Cole spent what time he wasn’t herding Molly trying not to brush up against any glitter—no small task in Sparkles.

Molly was covered with glitter—glitter by association. That glitter powder was the only frilly thing on Molly that night as I had dressed her in blue and white.

This (and her unfortunate lack of hair) caused many folks that evening to call her “little guy”, “buddy”, and “fella”, much to the consternation of her father.

Leaving the land of glitter and all that is pink and lovely, we entered a store in which one could assemble a toy car. (I would love to show you a picture of this but after Sparkles, my camera was flashing the message “camera battery exhausted”—really, is it any wonder?).

As we strolled into this ultra masculine realm, one of its ultra masculine workers looked closely at our gang of four. Glancing toward Cole and the glammed up gals, his gaze rested on Molly, ever sparkly, in her stroller and said, in a Rocky Balboa-like tone, “Poor little dude, his sisters got ‘im all shined up.”

It was more than we could take.

I think Cole laughed the hardest.

A fun evening, enjoyed immensely by all.

The girls felt glamorous, Cole had successfully escaped being glittered, and Molly had made a new friend.

I even invited the “glitter artists” from Sparkles to visit us at that very special place we find ourselves each and every Sunday morning…

...our bathroom—to help me get the girls ready for church!


Lori said...

youmust invest in a wonderful mirror and a case of glitter spray! It will make Sunday mornings an easier task. Oh yes ... and a coffee pot that delivers the initial cup RIGHT to your bedside to assist in motivation to get up and get at it!!

LOVE IT! Where is this awesome place?

Gretchen said...

This place is at Myrtle Beach, SC and I'd need a VAT of the glitter powder stuff to get through "a month of Sundays!"

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