Saturday, September 26, 2009

School Subjects (abridged)

A Buddhist Proverb says that "when the student is ready, the master appears."

I'd like to know when the cleaning crew is going to appear!  Unfortunately, this is how the school room looks by the end of the day.  If you are wondering what purpose that stuffed cow had in our learning, join the club-I have no idea.

Instead of continuing yesterday's "School Pictures" blog, I used the time to clean the above mess! 

Well, honestly, My Man cleaned up the mess and I really did write the next blog.  However, when I hit the little orange button that sends the words and pictures onto the blog page, the whole post disappeared.  Bummer, I can't find it anywhere.  The computer ate my homework!  Perhaps it will reappear?  I know not.  I'll give it another go in a day or so.

Until then, I'll try not to get too upset about it. . .

             ('cause I have people to do that for me.)

1 comment:

Sudeana said...

you are too fun! and encouraging... since my cleaning crew hasn't arrived i just keep shutting the door. we're to the point now the door may not open :)

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