Monday, September 21, 2009

A Football Family

Football season, oh what bliss.  The college bands, the fight songs, the nutso fans with no shirts, the crisp fall air outside, the chili scented air inside, team emblazoned sweatshirts (preferably the old soft kind that threaten a hole or two near the elbows),  and Game Day on ESPN.

Our ideal Saturdays are full of rightly matched college teams, nachos and cheese dip, pop to drink, and soup to heat and reheat.  This Saturday was such a day.

As I opened my eyes and stumbled out of bed, I passed my boy, dressed in his football jersey, ball cap and matching shorts.  He'd been awake for sometime, gathering info for all the games that were to come.  Ready to share with me all the news that was fit to report regarding our favorite past time.  Not, however, before coffee! 

Cole was brimming with details to relate over breakfast.  We talked about our favorite college quarterback, Tim Tebow and the big game he had ahead today.  We discussed our Mountaineers and hoped for the best.  Who's team was on "upset alert" and who was playing Notre Dame were also hot topics.

I grew up watching and learning about football with my Dad.   I liked keeping him company as he watched the games in a house full of women (our dog was even female). 

Turns out, this knowledge would serve me well through out my life.  When I met My Man we spent a lot of time watching football games and discussing them.  Now that my son is attaining football fanatic status, I'm still able to "talk a good game" -after coffee, never before.  I've been occasionally overheard saying, "Not every boy's mom would know that," after making a commentator-worthy observation of a particular play or player.   

When we shared the news of another sister "on the way" before Molly's birth, our guy was especially bummed because he was certain there was a brother on back order for him somewhere in the universe.  A brother with whom he could enjoy the pleasures of this sport he'd grown to love.  It was simply not to be.

Every year Cole and his dad try their best to get Meg interested in the game.  She's always a good enough sport to dress the part. 

 But she tends to loose interest after that...

And Kate? 

She's the one in the pink!

There will be no getting that gal into a boxy fittin' jersey! 

Not even on Football Day of all days.

Did someone say foot?

They could've at least used team colors.

So, having lost two potential fans to "Spa Saturday", Cole decided to go with the next obvious candidate...

He began instruction with the simple skills...

The Hand Off

Receiving a Hand Off

Moving on to more difficult skills. . .


Snapping the Ball...Hike!


It was all going sooooo well, girl or not.

A football buddy for Cole, at long last!

Until. . .

she discovered what was going on in the bathroom.


Maybe next Saturday?


Becky said...

You truly have a man among women. At least Darrin is there to help Cole thru:) Keep up the great mom-work.

PS Could you send a little nail polish my way?

aunt suz said...

The best ever. . . I'm not sure the little one has the knees for football however, the padding appears adequate!! Great post!

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