Friday, October 30, 2009

Home Again

It only took us two extra hours (equalling total of 12 hours) to reach our home.  It only took us thirty minutes to get everyone into bed.  It only took my Man one and one half hours upon waking this morning to clean up the resulting fallout from the inside of the van.  What a supreme mess!

We had already taken four arm loads from this space!

Here's another angle.

They may look like little innocent crumbs to you, but to my Man they were merely the tip of the iceberg.

Fear not, we are (who am I kidding?) he is armed with the tools to handle this scary situation.

Look out remains of raspberry slushy and fruit-punch-to-go, your moments in this van are numbered!

Pop-tart crumbs, french fries, and nugget pieces beware!!  He's called in the big guns - you don't even stand a chance!

Small animals and children don't stand a chance against this Shop Vac!

Speaking of small children...Kate went out to "help" her dad a while ago...where is she?

Oh, over there...

...trimming the Japanese Maple with the garden shears.


Better the tree than her hair, right? 
Though it might take the tree longer to grow back...
Oh Kate!

After the small tree trimming break, my Man finished working his vehicular magic. . .


Look!  It's the former capital of Crumbville.

I have learned, though later in marriage than sooner, to appreciate a spic and span van!

But I've always appreciated the guy who sits in this seat.

Did I mention that he treated us to donuts this morning, before he cleaned out the van?  That small act of kindness earned BIG points with the ten-and-under crowd!

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Sudeana said...

We are guessing the doughnut consumption did not take place in the van!! Looks good- both doughnut and the van. (Does he hire out?!) love ya, mom and sudeana

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