Friday, October 2, 2009

Mr. Sandman, Where Were You?

Last night I took Meg to a Secret Keeper Girl event a few towns away.  Darrin stayed behind with Cole, Kate and Molly and managed a fast food dinner, football practice, and Football Night at home watching our favorite team take the field.  

Meg and I began our evening with a quick stop at Starbucks.  
(This would prove to be a grand misstep.)

Starbucks makes us both feel like real grown ups.

On to the event for a great time and eventually, we returned home to our gang.  My Man and my son were still up seeing our team to victory.  The little girls has been tucked snugly into their beds and were sleeping soundly when I went to check on them.

Off to bed for the rest of us.  Ahhhhh sweet sleep after a long, rewarding day.  Molly, bless her little heart, has been sleeping through the night for many months now.  We've been spoiled I guess or at the very least forgetful.  

Our memory has returned.

At 3:00 am Kate appeared at our bedside declaring that she couldn't sleep.  Darrin returned her to her bed.  I realized that, for the second night in a row in the middle of the night, I had a head ache.  Inner voices began screaming--"It's the furnace, carbon monoxide poisoning!"  So, after my Man climbed back into bed, I vaulted out to replace the battery in the carbon monoxide alarm which caused said alarm to "chirp" a time or two in the process.  Fears relieved, I climbed back into bed.

At 3:30 am Meg entered our room reporting the she'd not yet been to sleep and could she read for a bit.  Go read, go read.  Good night, said we.  

At 4:00 am My Man retreated to the couch to find something to watch, hoping to find sleep again, somewhere.

At 5:00 am Molly sounded the alarm.  I heard my poor, sleepless Man sprint up the stairs in "prevent defense", attempting to halt the noise before the whole party began once more.

At 5:05 am I heroically walked 10 steps into the next room and took Molly from her dad and put her in bed with me. (After My Man's sprint up the stairs, it was the least I could do.) 

From 5:05 am until 5:50 am, Molly pulled at my eyelids, embedded her nose into my face, and plucked my eyelashes. 

At 5:50 I returned my facial masseuse to her bed.  I peeked in on Meg and found her still sleepless.  Poor baby, must've been the Starbucks.

At 6:00 am I returned to my bed, passing My Man who was finally asleep on the couch.  Sleep, oh the bliss.

At 7:00 am Molly woke for the morning, communicating somehow with Kate who joined her in happy morning banter.  My Man with Molly in one arm joined me in our bed followed closely by Kate.  After 15 minutes of being used as human trampolines we unloaded the two girls from our bed, wishing them our best and rolled over to try to capture a minute or two more of sleep.

At 7:30 Cole entered our room saying, "Are you about ready to go Dad?"

"Go where? Where are you guys going?" I mumbled. 

"To the Y to work out Mom, it's Y (MCA) day."


When the going gets tough. . .


Becky said...

So, how did school go this morning? If this had been my house, school would not have happened. You rock sis!

Julia Feitner said...

Wow, some days (and nights) it seems like there's just no rest for the weary. It sounds like the perfect time for "jammies day".

Gretchen said...

Amen to that Julia!!

We did go very "light" on school today Beck!

Sudeana said...

perhaps your household should switch to de-caf after 4:00 --
light weights that's when I'm perking a new pot - is it any wonder why M never sleeps?!
love you all hope you have a relaxing, sleepy weekend!

Sudeana said...

had a thought...kuddos to you for getting up to change the batteries in the alarm. when our alarms go off in the night we just start taking the batteries out - we still have some in need of fixin'

Gretchen said...

I had to take the battery out of the bathroom scales! Turns out, it saved me from weighing myself this morning!

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