Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ladies, Linemen and Laundry

Another weekend has past.  It whizzed by before I had even settled into it.  Friday night I spent with friends not accomplishing much that could be measured, but much that was deeply felt.  We gathered, each with our own pet projects to entertain our hands while our conversations entertained our spirits.  We parted company late in the evening most of us only to meet again less than 10 hours later when our sons met on the football field. 

It was my favorite flag football game by far which is saying something considering kickoff time was set for 8:00 am.  Many of the boys on the opposing team were sons of my friends and friends of my son.  Standing together cheering for them all was so much better than divided into groups hollarin' for some arbitrary color to prevail.

My Mom left her cozy bed, two hours drive from here, in the 5 am hour to be on time for kick off and stayed for most of the day doing laundry and playing board games with the kids thus snagging  the highly coveted Grandma of the Year award.

Its a very good thing I have cute kids, otherwise I'd never be able to get anyone to come help me wade through the Lake O'Laundry!  I keep promising myself I'll stay caught up after each use of the EMCDML signal (that's Emergency Mom Come Do My Laundry signal).  It never works though, remember last time?  In fact, to be quite honest, two days have passed and I'm a smidge behind once more.  That's OK though, I would hate for Mom to be bored next time she drives two hours to visit!

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Lori said...

Your mom is the best! Love you all and MISS you terribly! Lori

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