Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scenes from the Road

On the road again!  This weekend we found ourselves headed south, back to our old stompin' grounds.  Early Saturday morning we piled into the family van, made a quick stop at Starbucks, and began what was to be a beautiful fall journey back to the "church that raised us" (in the ministry, that is). 

I thought maybe you might like to join me.  Frankly, I envy you this trip because you will be able to see and not hear it.  If you need background tunes, cue the circus music from a few episodes ago . 

The rain was misting on and off, soooo if a picture or two is blurry, let's "blame it on the rain"!  The fall foliage was breath taking.  I failed to read even a paragraph because I didn't want to look away from it all.

Great temptation met us early in the day.  It just so happened that we were passing through the city that is home to our team at the very moment of the big kick off. 

The Wright gang, being fully aware of the trip that lay ahead, fought temptation, tuned the radio to the big game, and put the pedal to the metal.

A bit further south, we passed by the scene of the great "Blue Jeans Incident" of the 1980s, the mall in my hometown. 

We were able to listen to the football game for most of our trip through West Virginia.  Our team was victorious both on the score board, and in their delicate handling of an emotional opponent.

It is Mountaineer tradition to place one's hands over one's head when the team gets a first down.  One should hold one's hands over one's head until the gentleman on the loudspeaker announces "first down!" Then one should drop one's hands down, clap and point with one hand in the direction of the first down.  All the while counting "1-2-3 First down!".  

I think you have to be there to appreciate it in all its import. . .

Anyway, here's what it looks like when you teach your 1 year old to do the first down "thingy" while strapped into a car seat for waaaaaayyy too many hours.

We chose to take the route which would include the crossing of the New River Gorge Bridge.

Virginia was simply stunning. . .

Finally, we reached the state where two of our four children were born, where my Man and I began our married life, where we lived for almost 10 years before returning to the state of our birth six years ago.

If you happen to miss the "official" Welcome to North Carolina sign, here's the sure way to know you've arrived in the Tar Heel State...

Pilot Mountain, known to fans of the Andy Griffith Show as Mount Pilot.  We've been driving by it for years.  Hello old friend.

We ventured on into the state ...

...and rewarded our weary travelers with some road food.

And would you believe that there was football-shaped French toast on the menu? 

So, here we are.  Safe and sound.  Journey completed.  Until we return home in a few days at which point, you can read this post again--backwards!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful journey...enjoy the rest of your stay. Miss you all! Love you, Janet & Ken

Anonymous said...

Are ya'll stayin in that barn?

Gretchen said...



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