Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are You Chicken?

"Cole! I need you to go down to the freezer.  There are two whole chickens in a large plastic bag from Sam's.  I need you to open the big plastic bag and bring up one chicken and leave one in the bag in the freezer."

"OK Mom." Down into the depths he ventured, clearing piles of laundry in a single bound.  Reaching the deep freezer in no time flat.  Shortly I heard the slam of the freezer door closing and of feet climbing the basement steps.

"I set the chicken on the counter for you!" he yelled from the kitchen.

Ahhhh.  So nice to have a helper who can reach into the freezer.  Soon he can fix dinner for all of us, I dreamed.

Finishing the task at hand, I waltzed into the kitchen with thoughts of defrosting the chicken and setting it to roast.

A quick glance at the counter showed ... showed that perhaps my instructions were a bit confusing.

He was successful in his second attempt.


Julia Feitner said...

That is just HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

Becky said...

If you can feed an entire family of six on this amount of "whole" chicken I would love to have the recipe!

Love ya all

Sudeana said...

I don't want the recipe as much as I want Cole once he learns to cook for the whole family. Actually, I would love to have him even if he can't be chef for us all:)

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