Monday, April 12, 2010


"Fwing! Fwing!  Mommeeeeee Fwing!"

"I've got her Mom," said a voice from the porch who really should've been learning instead of bowing to the whim of a toddler. 

"Thanks," said a voice from the kitchen who really should've been tending to the toddler instead of attempting a chore or two.  I helped him load the "fwing" and then returned my attention to my task at hand. 

I told myself that I'd take over in a minute so he could get back to his studies, as soon as I'd finished the grocery list and the breakfast dishes.

I peeked out the window to check on them after the grocery list was complete.  Surely I had a few minutes to do my hair.

Many, many minutes later, my conscience could handle the child-care-at-the-expense-of-education no longer.  I determined that a good mother could set aside her agenda to push her youngest child in the swing on a beautiful sunny morning for a few minutes.  A good teaching mother would never hinder her student's studies just so she could get a few household chores finished, or makeup applied, or sneak into an Easter basket or two. 

These thoughts and a few others were bulldozing through my mind as I rounded the corner from the back porch.  That is until I saw ...

...until I saw that I was helping to raise a multi-tasking, compassionate big brother. (Today, anyway!)  Whoo Hoo!

(I feel kinda bad for stealing his Easter candy!)


Anonymous said...

Let's hear an AMEN for multi tasking men. That's a good thing. The photo of Cole with a book AND swinging his sister is great!

3 dozen flowers

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Not the Easter basket but Cole ;-) Now that is training. What a swell big brother. Janet

Jana Vee said...

This is awesome ... I will be looking for your book soon ... I think I missed your stories most not having my computer!!!

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