Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scamming, Sharing & Smiling

Hey big fella, wha 'cha got there?

Birthday cake and ice cream?  Gimme some!

Mommy usually hides when she eats ice cream
I'll show you why...

Thanks for sharing Daddy.

Betcha I can get some more...


Such a push over!

How much more do you have in there?

First snuggle...

...then go for the spoon!

Sweet success!

Girl's got skills!


Becky said...


Sudeana said...

She is beyond cute! Just one question... who taught her to scam like that ;)

G'ma suz said...

Beyond cute. I might even kiss him for ice cream . . .nah, not when I can still buy it! Gma

Jana Vee said...

This one is definitely adorable ... would make a great commercial for something ... ice cream? family time? Yeah, family time and the joys of parenting!!! Love it!!!

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