Thursday, April 15, 2010

Test Prep

Tomorrow is the homeschoolin' Super Bowl.  Testing day.  Our state requires homeschoolers to choose one of two courses of action in which to remain accountable to the Board of Education.  The first option open to us is to keep a portfolio of the students' work throughout the year and have it reviewed by a certified teacher.  In our case that would mean a certifiable teacher having her students' work reviewed by a certified teacher--HA! 

The second option available to us is for our little scholars to sit for a standardized test and then send the results in to the Board of Education.  This is the option we choose each year. 

For the last few weeks, we've been sharpening our testing skills.

Practicing filling in little dots, learning how to handle tricky questions.  We've worked on slowly reading the directions on each page.

We've been reviewing math facts, science methods, important historical events and some political science.

We've even called in a special tutor for geography.

She takes her job seriously and her heart for her students beats true...

She's readily available to both of our students which is a good thing because...

Test prep is exhausting. 

Molly and I, we've done our best, but we're a bit nervous because we realize that the test scores are not only a reflection upon how much our students know, the scores are also a reflection on the quality of the teaching the students have received!

At this point, we've done all that we can do.  Now we'll just have to hand 'em their #2 pencils, get out of their way, and pray for our students to shine!   


Deborah said...

I'm sure they'll do great!

Becky said...

They will do a wonderful job. As I am sure you did as well (Molly included, of course). Will be waiting to hear how it went.
Aunt Beck

Gretchen said...

Hi all! It's all done and no one's brain exploded (at least there's no visible evidence of such!). The task now is to stay committed to school from now until summer!

Sudeana said...

I hope they did not forget their sunglasses because I'm certain there was a lot of shining!! I have a pair they could both use at the same time. I am so proud of them and their teacher (and the Geography assistant). Love, MOM

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