Monday, April 26, 2010

Kate the Great

"Kate! Why is your clean outfit in the dirty laundry pile?"

"Dad said for me to put it in the pile because he said I was 'all over the place' in it yesterday."

"But it isn't dirty," I whined.

"I'm just tellin' ya, that's what Dad said."

"Kate," I moaned, "your father is killin' me."

"Well, Mom..." she said in a wise-beyond-her-five-years voice, "most husbands will do that ya know."


Earlier this year, I was fixing mashed potatoes to take to church for a funeral dinner.  Kate, who for the first five years of her life, had been very, very "anti-mashed potato" decided recently that this fine American dish was now on her top five list of favorite foods. 

"Mmmmm...are those mashed potatoes?  May I have a bowl of them?"

"No Kate, these are for Mr. ______________'s funeral dinner."

"Mom, didn't Mr. ___________ die?  Isn't he in heaven?"

"Yes Kate, he is," I answered somberly.

"Well Mom," she reasoned, "he can't eat 'em."

"Grrrrrrrrrrr," muttered Kate as she left my presence on her way to do a job I'd given her to do.

"What's the matter with you?" asked her father.

"It's your wife," she said, pointing in my direction, "she's driving me crazy!"

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G'ma suz said...

Sounds like a true PK. . ."the woman you put here with me". I spot a few other providential references. So precious a little one.The references may be "for such a time as this". . . as she reaches her teens.
Love MOM
Can't wait for our special week.

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