Saturday, June 27, 2009

American Adventures

Today the Wright family scattered into opposite directions. Divided along lines of gender, we set off for our separate destinations-- the girls and I to a nearby Barnes and Noble for an American Girl event, and "the boys" to Cole's little league baseball playoff game.

Upon our arrival at the big bookstore, we unloaded the van, loaded the stroller's seat with a wriggling 10 month old, loaded the stroller's cup holder with a lovely Caramel Macchiato, loaded the stroller's tray with baby snacks, and loaded the stroller's basket with an overflowing diaper bag, an American Girl doll, and a sassy new purse. It is appropriate to pause here and give thanks to the makers of the how'd-anybody-ever-raise-a-child-without-it travel system (a.k.a. baby stroller). I'm not certain how much this marvel of infant engineering weighed, but suffice it to say that if called upon to do so, we would have been unable to make any sudden stops.

After piloting our craft into the children's area of the store, Meg and Kate took their seats among twenty or so young ladies, most of whom were carrying their own American Girl dolls. I didn't see any other doll who had arrived in the grand manner that Meg's doll did--riding in the stroller basket, hair blowing in the breeze. We had a blast matching each doll with her name and admiring her outfit.

We also enjoyed meeting the latest addition to the American Girl family, the Rebecca Reubin doll, as well as hearing a reading from the new book about her. Actually, Kate and Meg heard the reading about the new doll and her American adventures. I, on the other hand was having my own adventure keeping Molly (our newest American Girl addition) quiet and happy-- tricky business as lunch time approached. Just as I was fresh out of baby kibble, I heard the young college-age reader of the story say, "That is the end of chapter one, do you want me to read chapter two also?"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed quietly to myself in my head.

"YESSSSSSSS!!" screamed the twenty or so young barbarians out loud to the way too-eager-reader of the story.

On they dove into chapter two. On went the battle between me and my youngest. I took her from the stroller and set her beside me on the floor behind the girls. I turned my head to look for my gourmet coffee drink, only to find it on its side, seeping quietly into the carpet. Grabbing it up while there was still reward left to be enjoyed, I looked the other way only to find that in that brief moment Molly had made her way onto the platform and was headed toward the lovely young too-eager-reader of the story. I was very tempted to let Molly take her course, but remembered at the last minute that I was supposed to be among the responsible folks in the group and so, rescued the reader of the story just in the nick of time.

After completing a craft, eating a cookie, and purchasing a book, we trailed back to the van and loaded a cranky baby into her car seat, loaded two happy young ladies into their seats, loaded two American Girl posters, two American Girl crafts, one American Girl doll, one new American Girl book, and one overloaded diaper bag into any remaining spaces in the van, loaded one sassy new purse into the passenger seat, and loaded one bedraggled superhero into the driver's seat (I did rescue the reader of the TWO chapters of the American girl story!).


Sudeana said...

You, my dear sister, are a hoot!! I never knew such a blogger was just waiting to be pushed into blog-world :) You make me smile!!

aunt suz said...

Am I to suppose that is your superhero mom's cape sticking out the car door? Do I spy a bit of Caramel Macchiato on the tail?? Great Story teller you are. . . great stories you live!!!! MOM

aunt suz said...

Why do my comments always come up with a garbage can picture after them? Could give me a complextion!#$%

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