Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Day of School

Ahhhhh......another year of school, formal school that is, is complete. I promised the children that when we finished studying World War 1 that we would be finished for the year and today the Armistice was signed! Following a happy, carefree afternoon of non-schooling, we celebrated by taking in a movie.
Up! was great fun. We had forgotten that it was a 3-D movie and the cool glasses added to our enjoyment. Darrin even got to join us. My favorite part of the movie was when the main character realized that to have worthwhile memories one didn't need to have lived a spectacular life, one needed only to have lived. He discovered that there was true adventure in the "everydayness" of life, a lesson that his late wife had learned ahead of him. I appreciated the message of the movie especially at the threshold of this summer: Appreciate everything, not just the grand and the planned, but the trivial and the normal, the hot-dogs for supper nights and the steak on the grill nights as well for in between all of the little moments and the bigger ones, life is happening whether I'm paying attention or not!

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