Monday, June 8, 2009


I drove through the Fort Pitt tunnels four times today. I hate those tunnels. Age has plagued me with a bit of claustrophobia which is triggered 100% of the time by those tunnels. It was worth it though, for a few reasons.

First, anytime I start at point A and arrive at point B without getting lost (esp. in Pittsburgh) my foggy mommy brain hears an audible "atta girl" which, let's face it, we could all use from time to time.

Second, I think I impressed my children. After dropping Daddy off to visit at the hospital in the big city, they were amazed that I was able to get them to not one, but two promised book stores on the other side of the big city, without getting lost! That Kate was a bit nervous as we drove away from Darrin at the hospital saying, "We're getting a long way from Daddy......." did not offend me as I was telling myself the same thing with each turn of the wheel. Yet, we made it! We snagged some books, signed up for a summer reading program at the Barnes & Noble, and piloted our Honda back to pick up our guy. Did I mention WITHOUT GETTING LOST? In the interest of full disclosure I was using a borrowed GPS.

Finally, braving the Fort Pitt tunnels four, count 'em four times today was worth it because I got to spend two and one half "car hours" with my man. Car hours are extra special morsels of time in which finds one seated next to her "other one" with no TV playing (in the front seat anyway), no dishes to put away, and no baskets of laundry battling for attention. There are, of course, children in the back of the vehicle who sometimes need attention, but they are by law, required to be strapped in during car time, so how much trouble can they be? Sometimes during car time my other one and I will talk, read, or listen to music. Today we sat mostly in silence -- strange yes, but nice. I think we were trying to regain the energy it took to get this trip "on the road". Like a camera that somehow gains more battery power merely by being turned off for a while.
When we arrived home, we had 65 minutes to eat supper and attend a meeting at church. After church, we met sweet friends for a fun Dairy Queen treat. The kids are in bed now and my other one and I, are weary from a day on the road with four children, but better off for having made the effort to eek out some time together.


aunt suz said...

priceless picture.. mine would have to be a pipe and tea pitcher! Very proud of your navigation skills today. Were the kids prayers audible? regardless "attagirl" !love MOM

Becky said...

How long did it take you to drink the sodas to the point of the picture? :)

Congrats on navigating the big city!!

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