Sunday, June 21, 2009


I'm not sure what "I've had it!!" sounds like in baby speak, but now I know what it looks like. Molly has had an eventful day. She awakened to the usual getting-ready-for-church jig that happens here on Sunday mornings. I spilled the entire bowl of cottage cheese and peaches all over her at breakfast time and managed to include Kate and Cole in the cheesing. Darrin cleaned it up. Molly was so exhausted from the fit she threw waiting for more food, that upon completion of her meal, she was ready for an early nap before church.

During Sunday School she was involved in some sort of altercation with one of her "classmates"--this seemed to upset her a bit, of course, but she endured. She was in mid-diaper change when I arrived to collect her from the nursery and was suffering from a nasty diaper rash. Diapered, Desitined and clothes changed, she was deposited into her car seat and whisked off to her brother's 2 baseball game in as many days.

Mercifully, she fell asleep en route to the game and slept through the first inning in the baking hot sun. It was in this same hot sun that she dined on warm, pureed green beans for lunch. After a dessert of "mixed greens and clover", a ball field delicacy, she attempted to cool her many rolls of skin under an umbrella. Relief came at the end of a victorious game when we loaded her in the the air conditioning of the van and headed home, where she was made to linger outside while her brother took in some batting practice. What a gal! What a day! What does she get in return for such tenacity?

After being allowed to sleep for about thirty minutes when batting practice was over, Molly was rewarded with another trip in the van. What luxury awaited her? That would be the second game of a double header--back to the ball field she went. More sun. More sweat. More mixed greens and clover. The second game of the day lasted two complete hours, neither of which would witness a sleeping baby.

Game over, we headed for good ole McDonald's and then Cold Stone Creamery. Molly enjoyed her french fries and her sweet cream and berries so much that I thought perhaps she might forgive us for dragging her through such a day.

One should never make such assumptions. We made it home with our 4 sweaty, grimy, sticky, exhausted children and began to announce the bathing order. Molly was awarded first bath! I undressed her and moved quickly to the tub, only to find that one of the other, dirtier, more deserving children had jumped line. The line jumper's feet, or rather the color of the water rolling off of the line jumper's feet was such that I decided that Molly would bathe in the kitchen sink instead of the tub tonight.

Bath equipment and naked baby in hand, I headed for the kitchen, turned on the water and paused to grab the baking soda from the cabinet to add to the bath in honor of the diaper rash. This last step would prove to be.....hmmm lets say, problematic. It was at this point that the sweet rolly polly child in my arms began to pay me back for her day. At the same moment that I felt a warm squishy-ness between my toes, I also felt the same warmth in the hand that was "standing in" for the diaper. I squawked for help while holding my filled hand at the ready, my soiled foot in the air, and my vengeful baby between my elbows looking all the world like a child who has just shown her schedulers what it looks like when, "THE BABY HAS HAD ENOUGH".

She's all clean now, sweet smelling and asleep in her own bed. We got the message...and yet again this Father's Day, Darrin cleaned it up.

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