Friday, June 12, 2009


Today I did something I wouldn't want to anyone to attempt. It wasn't really a "don't try this at home" move. It was what you could call an ill-advised course of action. For a gal who has lived her life mostly between the lines, it was pushing the envelope just a bit. I mean really, you'd think a person, a mother no less, would have known better. I have an excellent excuse: I was traveling without the children. I don't do this often and therefore was terribly unprepared for the consequences of their absence.

I was enjoying a sweet tea (the special kind in the styrofoam cup) while riding in the car when I discovered my error. I spilled a drip or two of tea on my hand and in the car. Instinctively, I turned to reach for the diaper bag which, of course was with the baby and not in the car. The reality of the situation sank in slowly...I was like a tightrope walker without a net, an explorer without a compass! I was a traveler with no BABY WIPES!

I remained a bit nervous about this touchy state of affairs, until something wonderful happened. . .we stopped at a gas station and low and behold there they were on the shelf. What a lovely scene--happiness in a box--

You thought it was gonna be a box of baby wipes didn't you!!

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