Tuesday, June 23, 2009


At the Wright Place these days, it seems each one of us is trying out new wheels.

On Monday evening Cole's baseball team advanced to the second round of playoffs. It took four games, three of which came down to the very last inning, to reach the next tournament level. In two years of baseball, this is as far as either of his teams have come. So next weekend, our first born will be driving some new wheels onto the ball field.

Meg's new wheels come in the form of her rapidly increasing knowledge of email. It thrills her to get mail and then respond instantly. Daily she pleads to "check my email" and surprises me with each new trick she's learned.

This morning, during swimming lessons, Kate put her head under the water, and sealed her place in the "big kids class". These new wheels, or flippers as the case may be, mean that Mommy is not required to enter into the pool with Kate for her lessons like we did last year (when I was 8 months pregnant and the water was freezing--I hope to get over it someday!) A pretzel from the mall was the desired reward for her accomplishment and I paid up post haste!

Molly's new wheels are her little fat feet. She's taking them on test runs one baby step at a time. She has yet to put two steps together unless of course, she is behind a toy shopping cart which she maneuvers with great speed and skill around the house.

As for Darrin and I, our new wheels are just that. We had to have new tires put on the family van today! We purchased the van one day before Molly was born and drove her home from the hospital in it. How fitting that she's finding her new wheels at the same time as our van!

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