Sunday, June 7, 2009


Such a simple thing is the sock. The word "sock" is derived from the Latin soccus, the Old English socc and the Middle English word socke. The Romans sometimes wore soccus with sandals and then removed their sandals indoors; the soccus remained on their feet. The "soccus" was also a shoe worn by Roman comic actors. *

We have such comics in our home too! All of a sudden, all of our children were in need of socks. You would think that in a situation of such dire need, not many socks are to be found around the house. Not so! Every time I turn around, someone is "leaking socks". There are socks under the breakfast bar in the kitchen, under the dining room table, in front of the couch in the living room, and scattered on many bedroom floors throughout. Unfortunately, most of them have holes in them or are sporting dirt stains that even the strongest bleach can't conquer.

A few days ago we were shopping up "on the hill" and remembered while in a store selling socks to purchase socks.

Oh my the excitement! Everyone wanted to wear their socks immediately--as in take off the tags in the car and wear 'em even with the flip flops. The next morning, each child (except the sockless baby) came down to breakfast sporting a new pair AND no one left any under the table when breakfast was over! I'm tickled to think that such a small thing made such an everyday difference in their lives. Go figure!

The task in the days to come is to purge the "holier than thou" pairs from our lives. It will be tricky because, as you know there lives in this Wright Place a pair of size 12s who is emotionally attached to ALL of her clothes including her "holier than thou" friends. We will, however, see this task through because really--who wants to be associated with those holier than thou types anyway!!

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