Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nourish ~ For the First Grader in Us All

Welcome to Nourish: 31 Days of Family, Food, and Faith. This is Day 28! To see the rest of the series click here.

Hello!! Molly Joy here!

Hope you are all doing well since I checked in with you last. Things at my house are pretty much the same as usual...NUTS!!

My mom has been spending all of her time having school with us or cooking or sitting at her computer typing madly into the night. I'm starting to feel bad for her because of that little twitch she's developed, but Dad...um her Man, says that she'll be ok eventually. He's been saying that for a few years now but what do people say...hope springs eternal or something like that?

Anyway, I thought I'd take over for today and give Mom a break so she could go read a book or take that bath she was talking about last post although I don't know what the big deal about getting a bath is for her...she practically LIVES in there as it is!

Did you know that I am in first grade this year? Yessir, and middle school is just around the corner. It'll be here before I know it. I thought I'd show you what first grade looks like at my school, which of course is my home. Mom says she has too much respect for the local teachers to cut me loose on one of them so she just does what she can with me here.

First in the day we do morning time...actually, first we do breakfast,

   then we do morning time. After that I work on my math.

Those blocks on the counter help me when I run out of fingers and toes to work with. When you are in first grade, the numbers go really high.

After math I read to Mom and then she reads to me. We just finished a book about a little boy from China who got into all kinds of trouble. He gave me a few good ideas.

See me working on that paper? It's my weekly schedule. It tells me what comes next so I don't always have to ask Mom. I mark off the stuff I'm finished with and then go on to the next thing. Cole has one too but his looks different than mine...

I think you'd agree that my schedule is much more academically challenging and much less devoted to the extra-curriculars.

After I finish math and reading I find it necessary to get the smarts back into my head.  Lemme show you how to do that. I think some of you who work at desks like my Dad should try this sometimes, it'll help you I think better...

It's very important to grip with your toes. Don't forget that part.

Lemme tell ya something else, science is NOT my Mom's favorite subject but do not fear!!

There is no need to call the school board because, I, Molly Joy have taken over teaching the experiments and it's all going very well.

After I teach the kids science, it's time for lunch...

Mom's not very good at lunch either, so I'm just whipping up a quick salad.

After lunch it's important to wrestle about a bit with Cole. Mom says boys have to move around a lot during the day or they'll explode or get very irritating so I help put Cole through his paces.

When Cole has had enough of me...

I check on Kate and make sure she understands what she's reading.   

Then it's time to work on my AWANA verses.

By this time in the day, I just need to be alone to work. I might have tried to get some alone time in the bathroom, but Mom's probably in the tub again so...I'll finish my day here on Kate's bed.

There is a lot of hard work to do in first grade...I love it when I have all my subjects marked off. That means that I get to rest for a few days!

Looks like Mom has been talking about being nourished a lot these last few weeks. So I guess I should tell you what makes me feel nourished (besides a fist full of gummy bears or a pint of ice cream that I don't have to share). I feel nourished when I get to sit around the table with these goofballs and learn stuff. 

So, that's what my day looks like most of the time. Thanks for spending the day with me! 
I hope you learned as much as I did! 

See ya next time!

"Learning is not to be attained by chance, it must be sought for with adder and diligence."
~Abigail Adams

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