Friday, October 10, 2014

Nourish ~ Come Anyway

Welcome to Nourish: 31 Days of Family, Food, and Faith. This is Day 10. To see the rest of the series click here!

I look around this house tonight and am astonished at how my feelings about the mess that it has been this week have changed. This house is a complete mess but this home has been used to the fullest in spite of it.

Early this week, on a happy whim I invited a friend over and today was to be the day, but between the invite and the actual occasion I got behind-er and behind-er. Things have piled, dust has multiplied. When I got out of bed this morning, I was determined that our plans would hold anyway, no matter that I had to step over a laundry basket to get out of my bedroom to fix breakfast.

But before breakfast was fixed, I set some things out of the freezer so they could be thawing and thus getting ready for my evening plans. Setting things on the counter, the one that had to be cleared first, was kinda like paying earnest money, so I wouldn't back out on the deal. 

I wanted so badly to have my friend over but the longer I walked around my terribly messy home the more I was tempted to reschedule. I was going to be out with the kids' homeschool co-op for all of the morning and then had other things to attend to later in the afternoon. 

There was no way to get my ducks properly in a row beforehand. Simple. Fact. 

I had to decide what was most important, visiting with a with a friend...sharing something I had learned with a friend...or my house. 

Then, halfway through the day my friend texted giving me a chance to back out. She said she knew what a full day I was having and that if I wanted to reschedule for the night it would be ok. 

Bless her. 

Here's the thing though, I already had stuff defrosting on the counter and I had plans and we were all pumped for the evening,  and I decided to decide that my house was not gonna get in the way...the laundry baskets probably would, but my soon to be injured pride about my messy home would just have to get over itself.

So just a bit ago, my friend and I and our children sat and ate and then we cooked something for tomorrow night's dinner while the children ran about and wore each other out and it's quiet... and now, I don't see things as so much of a mess...

...I see two aprons which kept food stains off of a young woman and an older one. I see a basketball hoop where a very tall kid played ball with a much shorter one and a princess' wand that added a little adventure to the game.

...I see a meal that nourished with company that nourished.

I see the promise of tomorrow night's dinner and the reminders of tonight's coffee and ice cream.

...and the squeals of children at play...

...big time play...

...and for me and my home...

big time nourishment

dust and laundry and piles and all.

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